The Extensive Guide to Moving in New York City

You consulted our list of tips and tricks for finding an apartment or condo, and you LASTLY discovered a home in NYC. Sadly, home searching is only half the battle. Really moving your things to the new location is next, and it has to do with as enjoyable as preparing for the L Train shutdown while stuck in an escape room with no A/C in August, just to reappear into a dystopian hellscape where boozy breakfast is prohibited. That is, it's no one's favorite weekend.

That's why we're here to make the entire process a little less nuts. Below, you'll find an exhaustive guide: services, pointers, and hacks (consisting of some notes crowd-sourced from pals) for moving as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Welcome home.

You can change your mailing address online here-- it takes 10 days to process.

Contact all entities that pester you for cash each month

Credit card companies, trainee loans, Con Edison, and your cable television business require to understand you're moving. Log onto your Con Ed account and click "Provider and Outages" to alter your address and shut off service at your old house.

Be Wi-Fi-enabled on Day 1

" If you intend on getting internet/cable in your new house, discover who the supplier in the structure leads time and established the setup for the afternoon you relocate," Jamie R. states. "When the Time Warner guy is 2 hours late, you'll still exist assembling that dresser from Ikea anyway. Now at least you can finish it while viewing the new season of Jailed Advancement on Netflix."

Step the doors and areas of your new apartment

Some doorways in New York City apartment or condos are remarkably small, and you'll want to be sure your sectional couch will fit through the door, and in the real living area, before you lug it up 5 flights.

Purge your apartment or condo of whatever you have not utilized in the last 6 months

It's time to be discerning. You probably don't require the troublesome armchair in the corner that no one rests on ... ever. And you absolutely don't require that record player that looks like a travel suitcase that you got at Urban Outfitters. Rather of tossing them away, contribute them, sell them on an app, or put up leaflets in your structure and have a good old-fashioned stoop sale. The less things you need to move, the less expensive and less time-consuming moving day will be.
Protected packing products ...

For reliably sturdy and new boxes, City Moving Boxes sells new boxes and rents reusable leas recyclable free same-day delivery. Buy/rent boxes and bins by the piece or in whole packages, based on how much you're moving.

With Bin It, a mini-storage system, a set of stackable plastic bins will be dropped off at your location, and got at your new pad after your relocation 2 to four weeks later. U-Haul likewise sells cardboard moving kits/boxes by the piece.
... But do not underestimate the "Free" area of Craigslist

Boxes discovered through a quick search of "moving boxes" definitely may (read: will) break down, but they will be free. If they think they're getting an excellent offer, the free area is likewise outstanding for getting rid of old furniture-- the majority of people are happy to manage choose up.
Scavenge for boxes

Establishments that get major deliveries on the reg will likely have a large supply of cardboard that they're aiming to discharge. Try the closest grocery store/liquor store/furniture shop and let them know you're searching for shipping read more boxes.
good friends moving

" If you go with this option, stock the fridge with beer and white wine BEFORE moving your stuff in so it has time to get cold," James H. states. Strong advice, James H. Solid recommendations.

Ask your landlord for the keys a couple of days prior to your lease start date

This way you can use the train or cab to bring stuff to the brand-new location over a few days, which will get rid of the bulk of the deal with the actual day. Even if you have to pay for the additional days, it's typically worth it, particularly if it enables you to get a much better offer on a truck/movers.

Use Zipcar for small relocations

And take smaller sized items over in shifts. Zipcars run from either $9.25/ hour or $89 for the day (plus a $25 application charge and a yearly cost of $70 if you're new), so be sure of the number of journeys you need to make. Bear in mind though, the majority of cars won't be big enough to fit a mattress!

Rent a U-Haul for the big stuff

Pickup and 9-foot vans begin at $20 a day plus mileage. Rates vary by postal code, but 10-foot trucks will run you about $150. Keep in mind: anything bigger than a van is thought about a truck, so be sure to map out a truck lane route if you move in between districts.

Install your A/C before you move anything

Trust us if you're moving in the summer.

Make sure you have someone on truck-watch while you bring things in

Explain the task you need done-- assistance packaging, assist with one large item, or someone to move your whole home (van consisted of)-- and the site finds local "taskers." Each tasker has their own per hour rate, in addition to user reviews and recommendations. Depending on what you need, rates differ from about $40 to $100 per hour.

There's a billions of these guys around, some of dubious reliability, however Male With a Van or NYcityVAN are good places to start. Unlike moving business, whose rates change depending upon multiple factors (square video footage, range moved, products to be moved, and stairs or elevator), male with a van rates are pretty static and less expensive general.
Suck it up and work with genuine movers

It's the easiest (read: most expensive) way to move-- you most likely won't get away with spending less than $400, including suggestion. Simply remember, the majority of companies require you to submit a comprehensive stock or perhaps set up a home call to get an idea of your space and how much they're moving previously providing you a quote.

For a little studio with very little furnishings, Bunny Movers will probably run you close to $400. But certainly if everything in your apartment or condo is large West Elm pieces, the cost will show that.
Some companies like to show up and screw you by charging extra for each little thing. Dumbo Moving is not one of website them.
Tidy Cut Moving breaks pricing down by apartment or condo size. A barebones studio home relocation will begin at around $300, and a two-bedroom will go run about $600. Intense Movers is known to have similar rates, and FlatRate Moving starts at around $500.

Move on an "off day"

If you do decide to use experts movers, they're typically busiest at the start and end of the month, and weekends. Work out a discount rate by moving mid-week or mid-month.
Pointer your movers

Five percent per mover is industry standard-- in other words, the least amount of money you can get away with. If you were fortunate enough to score a professional move for just $400, that's only $20 per person. You 'd still have moved with pros like some kind of Rockefeller for under $500.

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